Fast & Robust

Provide efficient Algo Trading & System Automation solutions to financial institutions, investors, traders & developers.

Empowering our customers to claim trading edge

Leveraging cutting edge technology to provide strategy building, data analytics, automated trading and connectivity products

Automate and Execute

Free up your time to Plan your next strategies as our robust Algo Platform executes current ones.


Create/Execute/Reduce/close your Option strategies with a minimal click. Algo Platform to truly allow you complete freedom over strategy execution.

Trading Efficiency

Ever faced Missed Hedge, Jumped Stop-Loss. An Algo platform to continuously monitor your strategy.

Support Strategy PnL

Running multiple strategies and not knowing individual positions is a thing of the past. Strategy dashboards to monitor strategy PnL


Advanced eXchange Terminal (AXT)

Powerful & easy-to-use rule based multi-client algorithmic trading platform with additional libraries for Options & Investment Strategies

  • Connect any data source
  • Develop custom strategies in Python
  • Use inbuilt options libraries and compute option-chain easily
  • Manage multiple client book
  • Send orders to any broker
  • Minimized operational & execution risk

Option Replay

A robust options analytics, backtesting & execution platform.

  • Analytics - screener, simulator, OI, IV & technical signals
  • Advance option chain with replay featuresets
  • Strategies - build, backtest & optimize
  • Event/News based option strategies
  • Execution - one click strategy execution & management


Services to address your end-to-end algo trading, infrastructure and data needs


We guide Institutions to setup team & infra for algo trading, HFTs, Cross Exchange Trading Systems.

InHouse Automation

We provide inHouse complete automation of all trade analytics, management & rule based execution processes.

Strategies Optimisation

We have dedicated quant team who helps in strategy optimisation, forward simulation & slippage reduction.

Risk Framework

Pre-trade risk checks, price controls and portfolio analysis for robust enterprise risk management.

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We are headquartered in Mumbai and are a team of finance professionals, engineers & system architects with diverse backgrounds & strong skillsets

Our industry is highly competitive, but we know how to leverage change. We well understand the needs of traders and build for what's next.

We have a culture of trust, high individual contribution, complete ownership, and a very steep learning curve.

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